The Silent Masterpiece

And silence descended upon the metropolis
to render the overcrowded streets
as barren as a desert land,
full of concrete structures, standing tall,
submerged in the shadowy darkness of the night.

Behind their locked doors and windows
carnal rats and indomitable cockroaches thrived
and the astray dogs had the reign outside.

They were barking every now and then
in tandem to claim their sovereignty.

Both the loudness and the pitch of their barks
kept on rising until silence reclaimed the scene
or their lungs had run out of air and they
were forced to take a much needed and blissful respite.

In between a few lorries and
public cars shred through the silence to fade away.

Their engines shifting down to emit
a heavier groan near the painted mound
built across the road to restrain the speed
of vehicles going by too fast.

Although these sounds were distinct individually
and way too out of scale but as they were back then,
so thinly spread along the silent emptiness,
the symphony became almost a masterpiece.

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