The Reign of Anarchy

As violence escalates, bloodshed as well
intensifies. The days become cruel and
unpredictable. The price of bullets, live
seems to have fallen down. Every one
able and willing, can get their dirty hands
on enough rounds to rule their native wards
through terror and intimidations, crude,
unless one wants to have them legally!

Yet a bullet is a much safer threat
to face than bombs and Molotov cocktails.
A bullet can only kill one or two,
be it dead on target or gone astray,
unlike bombs that never discriminate
between the innocent and the marked one.

Now it seems that whoever can keep a gun,
can find an endless source of bombs as well,
handmade, anytime. Like fortune, power
and the gross domestic wealth, firearms too
among the civilians are centralized
in the stained hands of a privileged few.

Even those that were supposed to protect
the guiltless civilians, left too terrified,
along with the vow of their uniforms,
have long ago been cheaply compromised.

So people like you and me can only run
or hide like rats in the sewers for life,
still on fate and our luck it shall depend
whether we die or survive till the end.

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