The Company You Keep Around

When troubles come
everyone around shall unveil
their faces, true
and you shall see
how many of them are
truly hideous beneath…

When you have something they need,
you would find them
jolly and so benign
but if the scene
is reversed and
you are in need
of something they have,
you would know how quickly
a bright and warm
smile can turn icy cold…

When promising
they conjure up phrases
and words more eloquent
than even the finest poetry
but when the time comes
to honor those
promises made
they become as petrified
as a shameless stone
and later they even live on
as if everything
took place in a mere dream…

But is it in the nature of humankind or
just in the company you keep around?

Is it not far better then, if you can
live alone and
to their selfish demands remain
indifferent and unyielding as well?

As then at least, ever
if you are overwhelmed
you would know that there is
no one else but yourself to blame…

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