O, Break My Heart But I Must Hold My Tongue!

I call her Love,
as of now that is all
I have on her to say
and nothing else.

That is all you shall hear from me
for as long as she is alive at least!

Though fondly familiar
with each and every
crease too young and sublime
on her mild, calm and serene face,
with the scent of her locks
floating wide in the open air
and with her gaits and words,
of her the only thing
I can tell is her name
and until she dies, Love it shall remain!

When Death shall take her fragile hand
in the holy vow eternal,
I shall cry aloud her real name
and claim to have loved her
more than forty thousand
brothers could ever love
but until then
I shall say nothing more!

If I kiss Herr Death before he
has found my love, her name shall die with me!

Deliriums of Love

Dedicated to my poet friend Iffat G. Shirazi:

Her charms and beauty, soft
lure me towards
an abyss of insanity
like a mellow afternoon, sweet
lures the weary mind
to become nostalgic
and reminisce,
almost drooling over
the hazy past, half forgotten
and the other half too distorted,
still thoroughly ingrained,
like a blathering lunatic.

Her odor afloat in the air
urge my senses
to grasp it for dear life
like the floating debris
grasped by the drowning men,
shipwrecked on an ocean,
too vast and wide
for the sake of their life,
too often at the cost
of sacred humanity.

Her sparkling eyes
and the sharp contours of her face,
the rich coffee of her skin
and her lush, scarlet lips
yield a storm too violent, within
like a wild hurricane above
the warm current
upon the surface of a sea.

Around her my senses
become small and empty
boats in a perilous whirlpool
with no calm hands on board,
floating on a circle relentless
until they are sucked in for good.

Her presence renders me
too laden with passions of love
and the longing every time
would leave me breathless and out of my words.

A Mansion to Remember

No one could have overlooked the mansion,
simple from far but lavish and elegant,
a mere five stories tall, though appearing
no less higher than the translucent sky.

A thousand rows of tiny yellow lights
stretched along its edges and balconies,
twinkled like the distant stars and their mild glow
was diffused across the evening haze.

The structure made of earthly things like bricks,
iron bars and concrete mix rather seemed
like another earth from the outer realms
of the known sky, just pausing for a while,
calm and silent though taut like a coiled spring,
ready to leave in the blink of an eye.

Numerous threads of sparkling lights entwined,
veiled the whole stretch of the road from above,
hanging down in slanted rows of forest green,
violet, pale golden and bright cobalt blue.

From the glowing strings paper lanterns hanged
with motifs imported from the eastern shore,
as if to celebrate the visitor’s
delight with grandeur of an epic scale.

Who could have guessed that it was a mere wedding hall,
with such indifference to hunger, standing tall!

Somewhere else

Dedicated to my Facebook friend Ms. Nancy Jill Franklin

The waning moon climbed up the empty sky
in an invisible arc from east to west
as the color of her glow seemed to turn
opaque white from a murky shade of red.

Thousand miles below, the silent earth
slept in restless bouts of sleep in between
the nightmares that left him paralyzed
and the mute cries that left him out of breath.

Somewhere else the sun was shining bright,
not here though, a handful of owls instead,
sleepless, stood guard against the hazy night
when a million tiny feet came alive
to gather food and became the hunted in the hunt.
Somewhere else joy might sing, here a silence burned.

The War of Gods

When even the godly humans in us,
burdened with a purpose glorified,
have lost their eyes in a raw blaze of greed,
being at perpetual war against
one another, can the simple folks living
far below the shrouded peaks of Olympus remain
unobtrusive for honesty though fearless still
and fierce too on the face of overwhelming pain?

That is why when that happens we succumb
to the vague illusions of vanity.

Now even the gods are at war against
each other in a blind rage, too obscene,
striving hard to drive themselves extinct
and humans, what else can they do but burn!

God exists in everything
that grows or wanes as time passes by,
for dear God is both the Time and
the idea of Growth beyond the senses of our kind!

But when the human gods here on this earth,
responsible for guidance and direction,
resort to violence for their carnal greed.
must God descend as a human to right the wrongs?