Everybody is at war with words
over whom to blame for this genocide,
while a thousand bodies,
crushed beneath the dead weight of fallen roofs,
putrefied the air.

Then yet another thousand more at least
men, women and children are waiting too
beneath the mound of death,
while the time and air both are running out,
in futile hope.

Now where are the brands like
Primark, Levis, Wall Mart, Nike or The Children’s Place,
that have gained profits, large
from cheap labor sold in these factories!

You bet they are not even worried though, they don’t mind,
for in a overcrowded land of two hundred million
they can kill a few thousand poor souls, anytime
and get away with it.

3 thoughts on “Genocide

  1. Always been a separation from the poor to the rich countries. One good side to it. Rich countries are falling down and the poor countries don’t know. Because poor countries live with the minimum and know how to live with what you need. Thank you for the amazing poem.


      1. Here is the USA. Lose electric power. The world fall apart. I travel to Asia, Africa and Central/South America. Many part don’t have the electric power and water. They use generators in the daytime and must boil their water. (If lucky) These countries don’t feel the pain of high gas prices and war. Today problems is simple. Poor countries like Mexico and Honduras. Wages are going up and the price of fruit is sky rocking up in price. Rich countries like control. When the poor and the meek get stronger. It frighten the powers in our world. Have fun and be safe.


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