this piece is written after quite a few days… it has at least been a year or more since such a long break was hurled on me and i guess the unease and rage are obvious in the words… by ‘silver poison’ i meant my craving for the beauty… in my customized color chart silver is beauty, red is fame, blue is love. the other two not used in this piece are black and gold standing for sadness and wealth respectively.

This poison, silver, red and, blue
runs in my blood like a fire through
the crackling timbers of a forest, parched.

For a thousand years the timbers,
that stood beneath the brutal sun
and became as dry as the very core
of nothing lesser than the Hell itself
are burning now, up in vicious flames.

In thousand years the poison too
has grown even more elusive
and its potency ever on the rise.

Now, the poison, unleashed at last
swiftly spreads through the plasma of my blood
to murder and devour me from inside.

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