The Crying Clouds

The world sleeps beneath the crying clouds
while the morning on timid steps
reclaim the horizons, to darkness lost
when the sun went down and the night began.

Across the town the sound of life
in whisper starts then slowly rise
both in pitch and volume until they drown
every other audible things around.

By then the lights should have become
bright enough to wipe out the rain,
those teardrops of the clouds, cried through the night
shall return to the heaven they belong.


A black emptiness grows inside my brain,
devouring both my memory and dreams,
the way cancer devours a healthy cell.

Everyday I can feel my neurons
dwindling, from the afterburners of life,
as trampling pales a pastoral ground.

Each morning the weight of my memory
seems lighter too than it was yesterday
before I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

As if sleep is a curse of plague upon
the folks of my memory’s feudal town,
ridding it of its common populace.

Is it destiny or a disease vile,
I do not know and neither can I guess!

Hold Me Close

This poem has been copyrighted to thatmishmash


Hold me close and let me thaw in your soft embrace,
the long desert years have hardened me like a rock.
Look at me and smile for me with your sparkling eyes,
the haughty sun has grown too rude and insolent.
Take my hand and let me drown in your sea of love,
then let us, from the briny depth, emerge as one.



The Promises of a New Start

And dawn arrives with the promises
of a new start, woven in the texture
of its look and smell. So calm and serene,
though the sky is gloomy and overcast.

All beginnings began on hazy steps
until the morning sun pierced through the haze
and then a long and arduous day awaits
of honest labor and thankless toiling.

In the end all of them, no matter how
regal or wretched they have grown up to be,
must embrace the night and we all must die,
a content few but mostly dissatisfied.

And My Home

When rage leaves you blind
and desperation reaps through your bones,
let me show you love still exists
along the blue scars of your mind.

Put your hand firm in mine,
let me take you far away from this world
of hatred, lust, greed and deception,
to the realm of the clouds, divine.

You are my cozy warmth
in winters, my shade in the scorching sun.
You are the air I need to live
and my home when I’m on the run.