The Kingdom of Heaven

The general idea of need is rather strange,
apart from the curse of our greed
it is perhaps the only thing that grows
once we are sated with our current ones’

A moon, as red as blood, climbs over the desert,
painting the clouds and the sand crimson too.
The silence of the night is often pierced
by packs of howling wolves and laughing hyenas.
The wind is loud and dry with grains of dust,
hovering like vultures in the sun,
that come in many thousands to feast on the dead.
Since this war of Gods began there has been no drought
of death as we die in millions everyday
so for two thousand years the scavengers have grown…

A Philosophy

How much of human life is predestined?

How many of our allotted days have truly been
spent with the warm glow of a will, being free?

Consider the time when our life began,
as we opened our tiny, maiden eyes
and think how much it has been shaped by those
caring hands and bright faces that we felt around,
guiding us through the wobble of early years,
while our growing limbs slowly shed their innocence.

Say, what on earth could we have done before
we were even born, yet why some of us
are here with such an abundance that some others
are left to live and die with none of it!

Tell me, why the masses must learn to be meekly satisfied!

The Universe

The realm of tangibility,
comprised of things that we can touch or feel,
is nothing but the visible tip
of an iceberg called, the universe.

The world of human senses or
even the grand Milky Way of our thoughts
is nothing but a grain of sand,
to the universe, had it been a desert land.

This universe is the primordial being
created by the God or Nature, for even
the odyssey of time and space began
one full ‘Planck time’ later than its creation.

* ‘Planck time’ = (5.32 × 10 to the power -44) Seconds which is the briefest physically meaningful span of time.

Justice for the Atrocities of War

How much can verdicts soothe a grieving heart
and what solace can blood provide
to a bleeding soul, grown too pale,
for the loss of everyone, worth alive?

It has almost been half a century
since the war for liberation
and its vicious atrocities
shook and bled the native population,
though after nine months of cruel war,
they emerged sovereign and victorious.

Natives much less fortunate abound
in the tales of history,
where they had perished in the fight
against an invasion to occupy.

When a teeming Europe on many sails
invaded the untamed continent
between two oceans, fierce and deep,
the native Indians suffered such a fate.

Had the Axis powers prevailed in Normandy,
the Nuremberg would have been for Truman instead!


The world we come from has no green,
wherever you may cast your eyes
only a barren desert land
shall come and greet them with a vicious smile.

She was different long ago,
greener, softer and heavenly,
so we have heard and read as kids
in the fading tales of history.

That was before the humankind
or our venerable ancestors
took up nature’s rein in their hold
and killed her fast within a thousand years.

Being a mother choked to death at her children’s hands,
mother earth has become an arid desert land.