To Zawahiri and his followers

So you say, this is good and that is bad,
period, almost as simple as black and white
and you swear there are no grey shades within.

Your eyes keep glowing with such confidence
as is only seen around ignorance
but please do not count the letters behind your name!

If you trust in God being omniscient and
almighty too, how do you justify
wielding guns and explosives to protect
the honor of the omnipotent One?

I wonder, if you are living your life
in a world of fantasy, distorted
where the God that tells of modesty, love and peace
would require cruel sacrifices of human blood!

Slavery Redefined

(Dedicated to Munirul Islam Munir bhai,

When I am spent and all alone
at the end of the day, returning home
on my wobbling feet, dragging my tired limbs along,
I wonder, whether slavery had truly been
abolished in the world or has it been
simply redefined to fool the masses,
that belong to an ever growing class of people
with no inheritance save misery.

The want of brute force had long been
replaced by the need of knowledge and brain,
the Colosseum was renovated accordingly
as a center for professional recruitment.

The trading world responded swiftly too
by renaming their age-old gymnasiums
as academies to provide education
and certify the worthiness of the slaves.

Be it the corporate world in democracies
or the state under autocrats and communists
but so long as there are masters with wealth undue,
the curse of slavery shall never perish too.

The Origin of Time and Space

Before the origin of time and space,
before the spreading of the universe began,
the grandest scheme of creation was conceived
by the Existence, beyond our trivial perception.

In fact, if we can perceive anything
untainted from subjective inference remains,
in our thoughts, still an issue, unresolved,
with explanations both in favor and against.

Some have claimed that humans are nothing but
the vectors of what their senses have felt so far
while others have called life an illusion
and human beings, mere puppets in the Creator’s whims.

Living in the grand world of time and space,
thinking in a language restrained by them as well,
can we ever perceive their origin?
Can a buried corpse behold the shape of its marble tomb?

What Is It?

What is it that sets us apart
from the rest of the living world?

The world of insects, birds and other beasts,
that eat and grow and copulate
to multiply just like the humans do!

Is it the length of our season,
being the sole species that remains in heat
for some days, each month, all year round?

What is it that distinguishes
one human being from another?

Is it the face, a stretching of the skin
over our skeletons that seem
almost identical except the width
of the bones that formed the base?

Or is it a thing even shallower
like our complexion or the race?

The Opposite

I watched the night rolling on past the meridian,
being chased by the clear dawn on a golden chariot.

Across the core, on the other side of the world,
the opposite is happening, had any soul,
down under, looked up at the sky, it could have seen
the bright afternoon being chased by an early gloom,
that arrives before the descent of a night.

I watched the azure ice on glaciers, melting down,
being ruthlessly calved by an ever rising heat
and carbon too in the air that keeps us alive.

At the opposite shore, unseen, far, far away,
had a soul looked down at the sea, it could have seen
how the roaring waves are rising everyday
and slowly devouring the human habitat.