Slavery Redefined

(Dedicated to Munirul Islam Munir bhai,

When I am spent and all alone
at the end of the day, returning home
on my wobbling feet, dragging my tired limbs along,
I wonder, whether slavery had truly been
abolished in the world or has it been
simply redefined to fool the masses,
that belong to an ever growing class of people
with no inheritance save misery.

The want of brute force had long been
replaced by the need of knowledge and brain,
the Colosseum was renovated accordingly
as a center for professional recruitment.

The trading world responded swiftly too
by renaming their age-old gymnasiums
as academies to provide education
and certify the worthiness of the slaves.

Be it the corporate world in democracies
or the state under autocrats and communists
but so long as there are masters with wealth undue,
the curse of slavery shall never perish too.

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