Dear God

Dear God, after a life of ignorance
and vanity I’m hoping still,
that You shall grant my final plea.

O God, please set me free
for the sake of my soul, of late
it has been sinking way too fast
into the lurid depths of sin!

Darker than it has ever been,
my soul has succumbed to the lure,
it seems, of the decadent world,
indulging in the follies of desire.

Let me retire now, O God please,
to the grave world of repentance
where temptations can never reach
the putrefying lump of my heart!

From God we have come and to God we must return…

When Silence is Louder

There are moments in life when silence is
so much louder than all the spoken words
and moments when our struggle to overcome
multiplies the impediments, instead.

Yesterday, when she walked away for good,
such a moment engulfed my existence.

I thought of crying out that I love her still
and I thought of holding her close to me
but knowing what happens when those are done,
I simply watched with eyes from silence, stunned.

Election in Bangladesh

Sporadic claps of gunfire and
sickening blasts from handmade bombs
have grown rather frequent in recent weeks,
as an election looms ahead,
where new faces for the house of gods shall be set,
though when or who shall supervise we do not know.

Since the supposed revival of our right to vote
more than twenty three years ago,
this terror has become a common scene
being staged for a few weeks at the end of each term
where the incumbents act for retention
while their challengers for the right of obtention.

I wonder, if the sweetness of power
grows even sweeter to those corrupt minds!


Beneath the grains of diamond spread across the sky,
many a thousand miles away from home,
I lay beside a large swimming pool, left alone
by people in such silent hours of the night.

The sharp smell of chlorine was lurking in the air
yet all I could smell was the sweetness of your hair!

How I miss burying my face in them,
drowning both my lungs in their aromas
and my lips traversing the softness of your neck
while you whispered a happy song of love to me!

But gone for good are those golden days from our life,
as I have watched you become another man’s content wife.