Like A River

I have lived my life like a river does
from the beginning and for the rest of my life,
I am determined to keep on doing so…

High above the mountain ridge I was born;
sired by a bright and fierce sun, burning down his love
on the blue waters of a distant sea;
then my mother, a heavy cloud, floating northward,
brought me here in her womb and thus I came to be.

Ever since my humble birth I have been flowing down
through the hills, forests, plains and lands, lying low,
back towards the place of my origin, my home
on the waters, far away, of an ocean, blue.

In the beginning, my stream was as transparent
as innocence and as fast as the whims
of an ignorant mind, yet unexposed
to the ways of the human world but as I kept
getting closer to my destiny through that world,
I have become wider, sluggish and murky too…

Now the breadth of my opaque sins have grown too wide
and I wonder still how far might that ocean be!


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