Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If I can put her face out of my sight,
should I be able to keep her out of my mind too?
Her memories, so often, haunt me still,
harrying my soul like a storm on some desert land,
desolation, that remembers the ancient green.

Though I have not seen her since that bleak hour
she was gone from my world, ten thousand years ago,
who could stop those millions of twinkling stars
from sketching her face on the canvas of the sky
at night or, during the day, the clouds from doing so!

Suppose, all the stars were dead and so were the clouds
and nothing remained in the universe to sketch
her forgotten face, would this haunting perish too?
Tell me, if you were blind could you have stopped loving yourself?

Human Rights

Human Rights, who are you? Privileges,
that one can buy with money and influence!
A set of ostentatious words on a charter,
signed by all of humankind and then forgotten!

Human Rights, I wonder, where do you stand,
have you always been on the winning side,
such as in world war two, when Auschwitz was punished
but Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not!

I have seen you at Jallianwala Bagh,
where your face was trampled by the soldiers’ boots,
yet you stood up with a sheepish grin on that face
and shook your soiled hand with Brigadier Reginald.

I have seen you training and arming too
the Mujaheddin at the tribal hills
around Pakistan to repel the Communists
and then renaming your creation as terrorists.

I have seen you in Baghdad, from thin air
inventing weapons of mass destruction,
paving the way to invade the oilfield and then
turning yourself deaf and blind when nothing was found.

Human Rights, it is about time we should change your name too
and dub you as Rights only for the rich and powerful.

Life in Thought and Reality

Life in Thought and Reality

Life, I wonder why, is seldom what we have thought
of life to be, few tomorrows shall ever come
along the course one might have embellished today!

From beyond the bottomless pit of desperation,
when all the corpuscles of my blood have resigned
their desire of savoring the dawn, I have seen
how the sunlight tears through the curtain of darkness,
suddenly and paints the world a gentle shade of green.

The gatherings of dark, heavy clouds, sudden too,
eclipsing the bright sun are neither infrequent.

I, myself, have tumbled down from near the yellow star,
into a fathomless dark abyss, deeper than
the previous one and in darkness more hellish too,
once, more or less, for savoring each breaking of the dawn.

An Ocean Stream

King Sargon of Akkad had ruled
for nearly six and fifty years, in peace,
uniting the nomadic herdsmen with
the settled farmers, the tillers of the ground
through his benign and godly reign,
with his daughter as the high-priestess to the Sin
roughly two million prosaic days ago
when these arid deserts were fertile, lush and green…

No one knows what curse befell them
but history shows that soon after him
violent anarchy, famine and cruel drought
ravaged each nook and corner of his realm.

As per history, these dates coincide
with the fall of the Old Kingdom too, further south,
buzzing around the mighty river, Nile
and a sustained shift in the flows of Atlantic.

Let us remember the curse and learn from their fate,
not to abuse nature to satisfy our avid whims.

For the sake of our posterity, let us contemplate
the fatal end of the reversal of an ocean stream!