A Tale of Hearts

A Tale of Hearts

After many a days, tonight
I looked into those sparkling eyes again,
framed by her auburn locks of silk,
cascading down the prime arch of her neck.

Suddenly, the flow of time slacked
as her pupils flourished to let me in,
to explore the depths of her mind
and I succumbed, perhaps too easily!

Once there, I found an emptiness,
rather ancient but recently revived,
in this raging battle to decide
the future itineraries of her ruffled soul.

Wish I could lend her heart my own and say,
my love, everything is going to be alright,
had mine not been sacrificed, years ago
in the quest of another, that belonged to me!

Let Me Go

Do not hold me back my love, let me go!
The weight of these long hours have grown on me;
in the beginning it was fun, I was
full of gratitude as you took me in your arms,
so I ignored your constant lack of trust
and discriminations. Still, even as of now,
the future seems rather dull and of late
the ire of stagnation is rising too.

Have no doubts that being the first one for me
you shall forever hold a dear place in my heart
and I shall forever be in your debts
for letting me grow into what I have become.

Shall this be a new beginning,
or the beginning of my end,
I do not know, I can only hope for the best,
as is the trait of humankind –
always hoping for the best, though
an omnipresent destiny, I call it fate,
so often blows a savage gush of wind
at any house of cards we have made with our dreams!

Towards The Bleeding Moon

I spread my wings and fly into the night,
towards the bleeding moon, half-smiling on the sky.
Overhead the twinkling stars, far away,
urge me on, for I must reach there before the day
breaks out across the paling horizon
concealing both my chart and the destination.

Like an owl, I can never see the moon
in broad daylight. In darkness, however, I can
see her alright, clear and too alluring
and it makes me spread my feathered wings of dream,
always, without an exception ever
although I have not been able to make it, so far.

Accordingly, my wings are spread tonight as well,
O Lord, can I make it this time, out of this hell?

The Future of Freedom 1 : The Seeds of Liberty

(This is the first of a series of poems inspired by one of the greatest non-fictions of recent time, “The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad” by Fareed Zakaria)


The future of freedom seems rather bleak
for the millions of simple inhabitants,
settled throughout the prolific Ganges plain.

The pathogen is a composite one
and highly potent too, astride the realms
of both economy and politics…

What an irony that mankind’s future
shall always be sketched in their history!

Being a land ruled by imported dynasties
for the better part of the millennium
and the native indulgent elites
ever vying for a crumb of the imperial bread,
the native populace could neither sow nor reap
the fragile seeds of individual liberty.

Being a land both rich with minerals deep inside
and a fertile abundance of growth on the face
there has never been a dire need of skills among
the geometric rise of the native populace.

There, the seeds of liberty had never been sowed
from which the fabled shrines of freedom could have grown…

Rise of The Common Folks

Is there a poison in the air
or a novel virus, perhaps;
what else could have spread such violence
across an almost homogenous nation state!

How much pain we still must endure?
How many innocent persons
must still be burned alive to sate
their inhuman lust for the throne?
Past the plethora of alliance,
past the rude lies of politics
have they not revealed, a thousand times at least,
their real faces behind those rhino masks?

One wonders how long it would take
for the common folks, like you and me, to realize
that there are no factions within
the handful of power-mongers,
set to rule in turn and suck the land dry
in return. The apparent rift
between terrorism and fascism
is a critical illusion they must retain
to play with our trust, both yours and mine too
and secure their asses on the lucrative throne.

They are both the poison and virus in the air,
and the real battle is always between them and us.
So, let’s join hands in this fight against their likes,
the time is nigh to show that we have had enough!