Rise of The Common Folks

Is there a poison in the air
or a novel virus, perhaps;
what else could have spread such violence
across an almost homogenous nation state!

How much pain we still must endure?
How many innocent persons
must still be burned alive to sate
their inhuman lust for the throne?
Past the plethora of alliance,
past the rude lies of politics
have they not revealed, a thousand times at least,
their real faces behind those rhino masks?

One wonders how long it would take
for the common folks, like you and me, to realize
that there are no factions within
the handful of power-mongers,
set to rule in turn and suck the land dry
in return. The apparent rift
between terrorism and fascism
is a critical illusion they must retain
to play with our trust, both yours and mine too
and secure their asses on the lucrative throne.

They are both the poison and virus in the air,
and the real battle is always between them and us.
So, let’s join hands in this fight against their likes,
the time is nigh to show that we have had enough!

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