Let Me Go

Do not hold me back my love, let me go!
The weight of these long hours have grown on me;
in the beginning it was fun, I was
full of gratitude as you took me in your arms,
so I ignored your constant lack of trust
and discriminations. Still, even as of now,
the future seems rather dull and of late
the ire of stagnation is rising too.

Have no doubts that being the first one for me
you shall forever hold a dear place in my heart
and I shall forever be in your debts
for letting me grow into what I have become.

Shall this be a new beginning,
or the beginning of my end,
I do not know, I can only hope for the best,
as is the trait of humankind –
always hoping for the best, though
an omnipresent destiny, I call it fate,
so often blows a savage gush of wind
at any house of cards we have made with our dreams!

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