The Curse

Dear Lord, when shall I be free of this curse,
the one that I have brought unto myself
as a foolish remedy for the pain
that seized my life in those tumultuous days?

I can still remember the beginning,
ever so vividly as if it were
a memory fresh out of yesterday,
although a decade has transpired, at least!

Now the pain has become a history
and yet the curse that it has left behind
is as poisonous as the pain itself,
killing me, slow but steadily for sure!

I Must Wait For The Storm…

I know I ought to carry on
waiting for the thunderclouds to arrive,
that may shroud the entire stretch of the sky
from horizon to horizon.
Behind the cruelest Winter ever seen,
a time of colors promised by the Queen
of months has duly come and gone.
The growth has been abundant and alike
for both the consummate weeds and real life;
now to uproot the weeds I must wait for the storm…

What Virtue!

What virtue, I wonder, can truly distinguish us
as human beings, the supposed pinnacle of creation!
Perhaps the vices unique to our kind, instead,
form the borderline between humans and the rest!

Shall we consider the life of some astray dogs,
living in a pack on the street across my room,
either busy sniffing around for food and sex
or barking in tandem to set up precedence?

Perhaps, we should not, for the truth is often hard
and painful to see, although it lies too obvious.

Solitude, Darkness and Dreams

When the moon is shining, so full and bright
that eyes can no more see the twinkling stars
and the darkness grows pale and silver tinged,
I seem to know, what is the quintessence of solitude…

Had the heavens been dimmer than tonight,
for those far away planets and the stars,
twinkling against a darker, opaque ground,
I would have neither been alone, nor ever truly one…

Though there are always too much life around
beneath the glowing sun from dawn to dusk,
those yellow hours let me have, like an owl perhaps,
my only chance to relish a few petty dreams, at last…

From The Edge of The Universe

Past the atmospheric haze, let us go
past the grey satellite of rock and dust,
beyond the Martian mountains of hematite!

Soon enough you can feel the curvature
of time and space around is straight no more,
and even the photons have lagged behind…

From the edge of the universe, behold
how prehistoric these days would become
in our galactic posterity’s mind!

Far below, the earth still orbits the sun,
with seven billion, indifferent souls,
impervious to the fate of humankind…