My Idiosyncratic Love

Come, take my hand and let us go,
where the flowers bloom in a million colors still
and the butterflies spread their wings
from one charming shade of brightness to another!

There the sun is mild all day long
and the nights glow with the moon or the distant stars.
There no sound flies save the sweet songs
of sparrows, starlings, finches and nightingales.

Let us take a stroll down the strip
of bare ground, winding through the old deciduous trees,
carved perhaps by the gentle deer hoofs,
across the Eden, unspoiled still from humankind!

There the wind blows in soothing gusts,
diffused with a million exotic aromas
from all those blooming flowers, wild
and unstained with the perversions of human mind.

Once we reach there, you shall see
how my idiosyncratic love grows, endless and free…

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