A Sonnet on Her Scent

Tonight my sleep shall be full of her dreams,
for I have inhaled the air laden sweet
with her scent, beneath the sun, still rising
but softened by a sudden burst of rain!

The squall had turned the ground too treacherous,
although the musky odor of damp earth
mingled with the charming sweetness of her eyes,
made me fall in love with her, yet again.

Silent as ever, I had no problem
reaching out, with my burning fingertips
tracing the flying locks of her silken hair
and the touch simply rendered me insane.

Tonight I shall sleep with happy dreams, abundant,
for I have inhaled the air grown sweet with her scent!

Losing My Innocence

The warm sun shall no more be grand,
nor the silver moon soothing and petite
and life too shall be simple no more,
for I shall lose my innocence tonight.

When the sun sets, leaving the world
to a thickening darkness, all alone,
should get my wings back, I was told
in a dream I had a few nights ago.

As I waited for the night to grow
thick and silent to test my wings and fly,
I felt lighter and came to know
that finally poor innocence had died.

So I spread my wings and traversed the horizons,
unburdened with guilt but soaking wet in delight.

Sharing, My Friend!

Sharing, my friend, is often dangerous,
for when you have shared a weakness or pain,
you have handed them one of your many reins,
so they can take you wherever they want!

But if you truly decide not to share
even one of your weaknesses, like me,
with no one else other than yourself, bare,
you too might start to lose your sanity!

Now you may go and think, what should be done,
for if you do not want to end up where I am,
you should start sharing your pain with someone,
if not straight away, then as early as you can!

Altruistic Love

Tonight the moon beckons with all her charms,
lure and elegance. I cannot resist
having dreams of myself in her fair arms,
as the stars fade from me and I insist
on being her man for the remaining night.

Up there, it is a game of mind we play,
with our souls intertwined and silent thoughts
duly synchronized, with no words being said,
neither to fill up a normalized slot
but to revel in our altruistic love.

When we feel the end of the night is close,
just beyond the greying horizon to the east,
we climb down the sky unwinding our souls,
only then I can sleep, with the dreams all but lost.