Here I Come

There she is, so close, yet so far away,
calm and pristine with an average face,
too plain in your truly elegant eyes…

I remember standing there for a while,
staring at her face, then I turned around
and headed for my layer deep inside the ground…

Then, when the world outside was dead asleep,
I came out again, in silence, to seek
the answer of what is love from the sky…

And duly the vast stretch of darkness replied,
in the voice of a thunder, bright and loud,
“Soon, I’ll show you what love is all about!”

Then I heard the turbulence of a vicious storm
that sang, “Here I come to annihilate the norms!”


P.S: This piece is dedicated to UKB, a teacher from my undergraduate days for helping me to get over a mortal dilemma…


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