A Poison

But of course you can hurt me as much as you wish
and ignore me too until your heart is content.
Have faith my love that you must not be sad with guilt either,
for I have this poison to forget anything I want!

A poison so potent yet sweet and alluring,
that I think perhaps it has softened me of late,
towards such cruel indifference, found plentiful in you
and against which even ‘hate’ would have been a milder thought.

As I let the liquid mingle and flow with my blood,
beads of sweat soon drench the skin on my forehead,
chest and arms with all my cravings, worries and pain, diluted,
nor bitter neither as intense as they have been before.

It feels like nirvana, where petty urges never come
and memories fly away like smoke from a forest, burned.


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