Betrayal! Betrayal!

What have you done to me?

You destroyed me, made me someone I never was, made me heart-broken.

But I knew this is what would happen to us.

We trust people so blindly, behave so kindly,

Then this is what we get?


You take everything away, then betray me anyway.

But, I, I remain silent, moaning inside.

I cannot get up to fight, there are so many of you out there,

This is what I cannot take or bear.

You knew me so well, you told me you fell,

I go to save you, and see I have fallen, myself.

I say nothing, I’m no one to you.

Everything seems so fake and untrue.

I want to forget you, but cannot,

I’ve given up on myself, but you already forgot,

Everything about me and you.

I realize I’m nothing but a body without a soul!

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