Translation (My Dear Artemis)

Madly, I have fallen in love with Artemis,
goddess of the hunt, moon and wilderness,
like Zeus falling for pretty Europa,
though I have pledged my human love to her,
as myself instead of as birds or beasts
I love you with all my heart, my dear Artemis!

Thinking if I have lived long enough, already,
I was burning like a candle burns before
the blue and yellow flame is extinguished
but then I found Artemis, smiling at my door.

In a flash my emptiness, dejection and pain,
all of them were whisked away by your starlit smile,
as I tasted the innocence, in your violent kiss,
of the silver moon and blood, my dear Artemis!



5 thoughts on “Translation (My Dear Artemis)

      1. What I meant was the Bangla script… Please if you could translate it in your words as the author, I’d appreciate it! It’s the same with Urdu – such a beautiful language but I can’t read it and the subtle nuances invariably get lost in translation

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