A Gift, From God Himself

A couple of days ago someone abused my love for her and made me an utter fool in front of my world. Instinctively, I became sad, hurt and angry to my burning bones. It felt like as if my skin too was set on fire; not a single moment passed when I was not thinking of drawing blood and make the world pay ten times more for what she did to me.


In the end, during and after the initial shock, enduring each second of this life became more stressful than spending an hour in pain. It is strange how the flow of time speeds up in joy and happiness, while on the other end of the emotional spectrum how strenuous and long each hour seems to grow! Even stranger is the fact that if the weighted happy hours are added with the sad ones, the result tallies with the theoretical hours one has spent in one’s life. It seems that Mother Nature, the high representative of God on earth, is forever striving to maintain the equilibrium of time flowing at contrasting velocities.


Later, when the sizzling in my blood subsided and the bleeding within became a trickle at best, I realized that the fatal exposure has opened up newer horizons for my meager experience and humble thoughts. Most of all, the whole process has thoroughly overhauled my naïve perceptions of the world. In brief, the severe pain of her indifference has helped me grow out of my illusions of innocence.


How can I not be grateful to her for letting me achieve so many accolades through the emptiness she infused in my heart! Since the divine revelation I have come to think of her as nothing but an angel from the heavens above and I know she was a gift, from God Himself, for my soul.

5 thoughts on “A Gift, From God Himself

  1. Everybody comes into our lives for a purpose. Some will hurt you, some will love you and so on but everyone will leave you with something. for better or for worse.
    She made a poet out of you! Need I say anything more?

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