The Making of a Poet

It is the tale of how I became a poet…

  1. A Gift, From God Himself
    A couple of days ago someone abused my love for her and made me an utter fool in front of my world. Instinctively, I became sad, hurt and angry to my burning bones…. Later, when the sizzling in my blood subsided and the bleeding within became a trickle at best, I realized that the fatal exposure has opened up….
  2. A Dream, Eight Years Ago
    It was a silent night like this and perhaps equally barren and humid too. Back then I was not yet burdened with a profession, so all my responsibilities belonged to the fulfillment of whims of my heart. Then there was this lady….. I have even considered forsaking this identity, altogether. Yet whenever I have returned…
  3. The Muse of Poetry
    My past began with the death of my child. It died at the age of 20 minutes. Being conceived with some faults, it was supposed to die inside its mother’s womb but the fragile, little thing fought on…. The fear of losing the last shreds of my sanity was like the sensation of drowning, so when I came across the monologues…..


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