An Ethereal Love

An Ethereal Love


Why does my heart keep waiting still
for the subtlest of signs from her,
despite knowing, she is gone forever?

Like a Comet she had appeared
on the endless void of my Space
but how could I be a Star with no face?

So she was gone before I could
let her know, she might have tried me,
for Planets too can pull with gravity!

Well that was so many Eons back
and since then so many new Stars
have shone and died, sustaining newer Worlds…

In her eyes may be, I wasn’t burning bright enough to fall,
perhaps, for an ethereal Love she had no eyes, at all!

Love At My Door

Yesterday night, a silent Love
came knocking on my door, so I
asked her to come inside; she did
and then urged my heart to let the past go!

I was thunderstruck by the suddenness
and the stimulating simplicity
of her humble words, for have I ever thought,
Love herself would come pledging to my door!

But she did and I knew it too,
despite my heart’s baffled resistance
to accept her muted arrival,
like it was nothing but a surreal dream!

Then she embraced me to wash away all my doubts
and I was born again, while in relief crying out!


Though you sent loneliness to my heart
inside I have found solitude, instead
and my Love, when you’d packed your hatred for me,
pure indifference was all I could see
as I unwrapped the shining foil from it, later!

So you have sent me a painful life now
but I’m not worried at all as by the time
your precious gift will reach my residence
its content will be changed for sure, I know,
into an end, so blissful that will make
you, fall in love with the beauty of Death
and see your final hours in a different light!

My Love, you can send me even more of those if you want,
for they too will become gratifying for me, in the end!