I have seen tears of many kinds before
and I have been the cause, a few times as well;
I have tasted the tears of joy and pain, both
but this I have never seen on my life I swear!

A face, more innocent than the heaven itself
but two eyes wide open in a terror, I doubt
even the hell could have unleashed, so ruthlessly
and a half shed teardrop frozen on its way down.

For a brief moment I too was frozen with shock
like that drop of tear, midway in my breath and thought,
how could mother Nature accept such heinous acts,
being so indifferent, inert and silent too!

Then a solemn voice whispered to me, “Humankind
is crueler than all the other creations’ combined.”


4 thoughts on “Tears of a Different Kind

  1. Astonishing, how much your words convey.

    I have her on my compter screen, right in the middle, with a golden colour for the rest of the screen; to remember this angel and the unbearable sorrow she witnessed and suffered in her all to brief life.

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