Ego, Superego and Libido

One by one I have killed them all –
my ego, superego and
my libido as well.
Now this emptiness that I feel
within myself and all around,
guess, perhaps that is me…

First I set my eyes on ego
and killing it was easy too,
all I had to do was,
discard everything I learned
about the reality and soon
there was no trace of it…

Then it was superego’s turn
to die and I knew it lived on
what I was taught during
my early adolescent years
and the culture, internalized,
so I scrapped them clean too…

Then it was me and libido,
the most ancient part of myself
face to face, I to kill
and the latter one to survive
my ruthless slaughter for being scorned,
deceived and abandoned…

I had thought killing it would be
even easier than the first two
but the resilient brute
became the toughest of the lot
though in the end it could never
survive the rancor of a human mind…

Now with all my parts dissolved, I am free
with this emptiness, which is, perhaps, the real me!

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