All these voices that I hear in my head,
all those faces that recur in my dreams
and memories bittersweet from my past
have so often made my humble limbs grow numb
severing my last threads of sanity,
pushing me back to the realm of darkness
and solitude, perched high up near the clouds,
where oblivion floats like rain in the air!

In that place my humble face has no fear of the crowd,
so the voices there can plead, cry or even scream,
and the faces can turn my dreams to nightmares
and from all these I too can grow insane, at last!

For the night will fall asleep and darkness will fade
when a new, brighter sun shall pierce the horizon!

One thought on “The Realm of Darkness

  1. Love this one bitters of life
    The darkness that rules
    As we wait for the lite
    The once faces that drives you insane
    Yes the bitters of life
    While the lonely hours waiting for the lite
    Great piece
    As always Sheldon

    Liked by 1 person

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