US Immigration Reform

A documentary on Immigration Reform initiated by US President Barack Obama in November 2014.


For You

For You

Come, look into my eyes and see
the crimson flame burning for you,
deep inside my heart and beneath
the spread of goose bumps on my skin!

Come and make the fire a bright shade of blue,
the solitude of winter has returned,
lest the shiver freezes the life in you,
come, be heady so brighter I may burn!

Or if all you want is to find me dead,
go and get a loaded gun for all I care,
you know I’ll be more than happy to die
for you or even in your hands, though I
doubt if I can ever be dead or killed,
for to die first I got to be alive!

Love Declassified

Love Declassified

The date is twenty seventh now,
in two more days she’ll be
marking her thirtieth date of birth;
how swiftly flows the time!

She was not even nineteen,
when our paths intersected,
my blood was a lot greener too;
it was love at first sight!

It is said, what went up for once
must also taste decline
and we would witness it, firsthand,
a few years down the road!

It’s more than eight years now,
since I last laid my eyes on her,
I hope her life has been
a lot less turbulent than mine!

Let her find what she sought
in this life and the next as well!
For myself, I have grown
weary of loving and being loved.


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Shivering Nights

Shivering Nights

As I penetrate the darkness
of the night, thickening with each
hour being passed, I can see a soft
light illuminating the stretch
of emptiness from my heart to
the sole purpose of a human being’s life.

The transfinite space in between
these two points remains invisible
during the brightness of the day;
the world is too beautiful to resist!

But in the silence of dark nights,
when humans sleep and temptations
of life become too oblivious
to cloud my thoughts, I shiver at its sight…
(Wondering, how on earth can I traverse
the distance and be a man of purpose!)