In the end, I surrendered myself to the moon
and her mild glow soothed my aching limbs in return.

As I let my dark skin soak in her silver light,
I was transformed into the silence of the night!

Soon my existence seemed to dissolve in her glow
and the divine bliss of that annihilation
still sweetens the bitter patches that memory
could manage to save and retrieve for haunting me!

The moonlight brightened the emptiness of my world,
while the moon that shone almost full was only half!**

Later, when the moon was far away, I realized
we both have these ugly scars on our faces, carved
by the cosmic forces active throughout the stars,
that paint the universe in redshift* all around.

*  A shift in the spectra of very distant galaxies
toward longer wavelengths or toward
the red end of the spectrum; generally interpreted
as evidence that the universe is expanding.

** We can never see the dark side of the Moon from Earth.


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