The date is twenty seventh now,
in two more days she’ll be
marking her thirtieth date of birth;
how swiftly flows the time!

She was not even nineteen,
when our paths intersected,
my blood was a lot greener too;
it was love at first sight!

It is said, what went up for once
must also taste decline
and we would witness it, firsthand,
a few years down the road!

It’s more than eight years now,
since I last laid my eyes on her,
I hope her life has been
a lot less turbulent than mine!

Let her find what she sought
in this life and the next as well!
For myself, I have grown
weary of loving and being loved.


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4 thoughts on “Love Declassified

  1. The slings and arrows are not always intended for you. Yet in happens when life knows you better than you yourself. Never stop the love in your heart it’s this that the all of life comes from, this your pen. So if there is another do not turn and walk , embrace for this your passion and if not you’ll keep regretting again and again.

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