I love you

oh so true……………………….

The Paths of the Spirit


I love you
even among
all things frozen
I find
the quiet beating
of your heart

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An Apology

I keep waiting here, through the morning haze
for a fleeting glimpse of her moonlike face.
Behind me my world disintegrates,
slowly but surely enough, I know,
as I can no longer hold it in place.

In my peripheral vision, I see
the approaching onslaught of anarchy
but I can neither leave nor move away
from the causes of my doom, love and her,
though I’m not sure if I have really tried!

The hazy morning becomes a night,
only the haze remains a constant thing.
the rest dissolves into a simple naught,
so I can see the ultimate worth of this life!



No Freedom From Love*

No Freedom From Love*


In your eyes I have found the meaning of this life
and the sublime purpose too of my human birth,
so now I know the reason for my existence
and why, relentless, the silver moon lurked inside?

I can still remember the day, so vividly,
when I discovered the moon in your lucid eyes,
it felt as if a lightning bolt had struck my soul
and your face got etched on the back of both my lids!

Since that hour whether my eyes are open or closed,
I see nothing but your face even in my dreams;
since that hour whether I am happy or in pain,
I have returned to you my love, time and again!

Well, I know there is no freedom from love for me
save through death or blindness taking hold of my eyes!


* Lovely Conversations 6