It is a perfect night for death,
dark and silent save the rustling
of leaves in the mellow wind,
the moon, a waxing gibbous that
rose too soon, has set already.

The city too is dead asleep,
save a handful of sleepless souls,
either dead or carnivores
one way or another like me,
so death can prowl with liberty.

The darkness tonight is so absolute,
engulfing the visible world in a shroud
and the silence, so divine that the world and life
become unworthy of ever being missed or pined!

7 thoughts on “A Perfect Night

  1. I owe my deepest apology for you do have a rite to write as one feels, I step into your world without asking first if it was alright , I know now I was wrong to say how you should feel when I know now how it is to write

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  2. I read three times and this is so amazing.. I see your words and I feel you are going way deeper than a simple light dark issue.. You must be incredibly perceptive and insightful.. Great piece bard of poetic talent! Caro

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  3. The moment and time is the only space you occupy. Happiness is the path of choice. To be grateful everyday you lay your feet to the floor after you wake. To constantly be consume in darkness is to say that its only a path and not a choice. The lighter you are the better you are the better you will feel

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