You have been through the ups and downs of life,
so, can you tell me what is the most precious thing
for a human, spending their allotted days,
as citizens of this blue planet called the Earth?


Having lived more than three lives combined,
a virgin to start with, then a mother and wife,
you must have seen poverty growing up
to be affluent decadence within a few years?
You must have seen too, the rise and decline
of strength, beauty, fame, obsession and perhaps love?


Now, with your afternoon looming, be frank with me
and admit, of all the ebbs and tides, which one
moved you the most? Woman, if it is love you seek,
look no further than the embrace of my bare arms!


* The first of a series of conversations with the Spirit of Love
Image: Female Face by vile-little-lies (Cropped)


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