Lost My Sleep Again

An old poem revisited


Thought I have learned to say, “No it is not for me”
But now it seems that I have lost my sleep again.
Even with a tired heart and limbs nor can I sleep
when the city sleeps like the calmly sky. My thoughts
Keep moving to and fro in between consciousness
And the bliss of its absence as if they don’t know
The ashening lines etched between life and death;
Till my senses have ceased to work I can not sleep.

Thought the chemistry of sleeping, I knew it all
But now I’m witnessing the birth of dawn again,
Just before the death of the night, when the fairies
Too from another land would cease to move beneath
The shadows cast by a lonely cloud and when
Even the keen ferocious owls have returned home,
With worn-out limbs and bleary eyes I can not sleep
Till my senses have…

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