The Wind of Spring

The Wind of Spring

As the drunk wind of Spring returns,
I remember my solitude –
like waking up from a long dream,
that stretched almost endless, of love
and merriment, with a loud bang
that dinned across my bedazzled brain,
with the warmth of sleep fading fast,
like a distant memory from the past!

The wind of Spring smells like rain, far away
upon the budding growths of tomorrow;
the wet smell reawakening the furrows,
kept in hibernation throughout the Winter days! 

Behold, to kill me with a longing, absolute,
the wind of Spring has rekindled my forgotten solitude!


Love in Turmoil *

Love in Turmoil *

Against the backdrop of destruction and violence
raging through my motherland, I have a red rose
for you in my hand, her sweet smell fading with time
but their lust for power offering no respite!

Though your prolonged absence has set my skin aflame,
the loud cries of agony from the victims, burned
in the ruthless fire of a civil war, disguised,
drown the bereaved sighs of solitude from my heart!

For more than forty years we have endured that lust
but how long, I wonder, we must in silence live!
When shall we turn around and roar at their bloated face,
“We have had enough of your promises and threats!”

Is there no one who wants to have a spine at last?
Come sharp, for the smell of my rose is fading fast!



 * Lovely Conversations 12

The Beast Within My Heart *

The Beast Within My Heart *

I said, do not let me unleash the beast
that lurked within the crimson walls of my
throbbing heart; in rage moving up and down
the isle through the cage of my flesh and bone,
beneath the sinews beyond my morbid skin
but my words could not quench the thirst for blood
in you, so now the world bleeds from her wounds
and scars inflicted by those fierce teeth and claws…

But who could have guessed that the ancient world
had so much blood still running through her veins;
blood, I thought, dried out a long time ago,
seemed it chose to flow and linger, instead!

Now the beast has bled the world to death so cruelly
but not before honing its fatal claws on me!



 * Lovely Conversations 11

You did not know…

brought me back to 2008 when I began writing verses


You did not know…

where to begin

as you stood

on the edge of your thoughts

trying to find sense

in the nonsensical rhymes

of the rain

pouring outside your window

tapping on the cold pebbles

of your heart

displacing  logic

a tad bit to the left

of what you felt was right…

you did not know.

copyright neha 2014

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Dear Fate And Love Unbound *

Dear Fate And Love Unbound *

Though Fate has brought me where I am today,
it was Love unbound, that showed me the way!

I remember the moment I was born
and how the first cry soon became a scorn!
Well, then the abrupt hills and falls began,
that made me forget the maps to my sun
and to the fountain of my life itself,
so I was compelled to live like an elf,
hidden in the wilderness, shrouded in mystery;
although now I have found them both and set them free!

Dear Fate, you have my sincere gratitude
for your cruelty that had hardened me, so I could
wait for her with patience till the preset hour came
but love her still with an urge to make Venus grow insane!



* Lovely Conversations 10