I’m living in the shadows of my past, for though
I’m happy now, it’s the future I cannot trust!

Nevertheless, these feelings grate my bereaved soul,
and make me think, why the center can never hold
and why harmony can never be permanent,
is it ours or the fate of the grand universe, itself!

When I came across her face I knew, I have found
my destiny, so I could fold my wings at last
and revel in the eternal glow of her charms
to soothe my eyes and limbs, sore from the lengthy quest
for love, both unbound and unhindered by the norms,
as now I have its fountain in the quaintness of her eyes!

Despite the endless joy, a shade of woe is never far,
for as an alien, here I cannot pledge my life to her!


* Lovely Conversations 9


4 thoughts on “Of Life And Love *

  1. It’s all about perspective. Can’t be afraid of something that has no form…like the future. We make our future by our choices, right. Sure, stuff comes along but we are bigger, stronger and badder than anything life can throw at us. THAT’S how you kick the bad stuff to the curb, by not giving it any power over you.

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