With my ears full of her sweet, mellow words
and my eyes, too drunk on her lucid dreams,
let me step onto the forsaken path
of blind love, beyond all sorts of reasoning!

And I have seen how love conquers them all,
one by one – bloodshed, terror and agony,
when true and selfless love is in the air,
unless we live in a world of maniacs!

Like the moon, orbiting around this earth,
despite our common origin, I can
never be one with her, until I am
annihilated by love to born again!

But if it is the love for dominance
and power too for selfish gains like lust
for wealth or attention, I shall one day
rule the borders of this land of maniacs like them!



Image: http://thewellcc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/123.jpg

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