Well, then he raised his hand and said, “I want to die!”
and Death herself was taken aback, for a while,
at such brazen disregard for the pleasantries
of tears and laughter inherent in human life!

So Death with skin as lustrous as bright chocolate
opened her scarlet lips and whispered to the man,
“Do you have no dreams unrealized, no place to be?”
“None were left alive”, he said, “by the Tsunami.

When that vicious day became as dark as a night”,
he carried on, “thought I’d never see the light again
and her last words have been haunting me ever since.

In a voice so calm, despite the grimness around,
she said, ‘Do not lose your way in the maze of life,
as I shall be waiting for your love on the other side!'”



* Lovely Conversations 15

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