If I did not have this drive at all,
no urge to be one and whole again,
would I have written these words for you and me,
these spontaneous thoughts from the core of my heart?

Well, I know you shall not have the time
to see the words, nor wonder what may lie beyond
not in this one and neither in your next life,
still, can you ever let yourself grow insane!

We should rather let the sparks of insanity
scatter in the wind across the Earth, burning bright –
across the barren deserts and high mountain lands,
perhaps in a thousand years one or two of them
would find two souls where they can ignite a blaze, fierce enough
to burn down this world and build a better one out of love!



* Lovely Conversations 19

4 thoughts on “A Better One *

  1. I was first attracted by this powerful image… somehow, indeed, the Planet is in our hands!
    And your powerful words, describes quite well the crude and insane reality… but there, I’m sure, still a spark of hope…
    We need strong people of rocky spirituality to get other understand that materiality isn’t the right answer!
    There is one path of faith to follow, rules without second toughts, towards buddhity.
    Namasté :-)c

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