I do not blame you for my death, rather
you have my sincere gratitude for that,
for you see if I did not die that day,
if I had carried on living as I was –
blind, petty, full of hate and selfish too,
I could never see through the opaque veil
and find out what life truly is beneath
the illusion of grandeur, I thank you for that!

Had I not been waiting for centuries in vain,
for my resurrection above the beastly world
of carnal humankind, so now I must rejoice
for see, if you had not killed me then, I could not
attain nirvana, here on the face of this earth!
Thank you my love, thanks for giving me my rebirth!



*Lovely Conversations 23; this is the final piece of the ‘Lovely Conversations’ series of sonnets. Happy reading!


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