Who Am I? (2)

A poem I wrote 3 years ago …. Still it is true but who knows for how long!!!


Dedicated to M Z Hossain Palash (Kaka) And Shahin

I know I’m no poet or a noteworthy bard,
I just need to write down these haunting words
to make them go away, for until I do it
I cannot rest from a raw and blunt agony.
I know I’m neither suffering from insomnia
I just need to stay up alone at nights
for not a single neuron in my weary nerves
would turn away for their love of the silence then.
Once the noise of life arrives at dawn, to sleep
I can close my eyes and shut the remaining senses down.
I know I’m no rebel nor an utopian great,
an outcast may be but hardly a threat.
I cannot take most of the mundane things for granted
but I can neither ask anyone to be myself.
I know I’m no Socrates the great Athenian,
though these gadfly…

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4 thoughts on “Who Am I? (2)

  1. I like your poetry, Amit. Thank you for “liking” the re-post about my book. I’m sorry you feel so lonely, but that’s how you feel. Maybe you should get a dog!

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