Bid me a cold goodbye for I’m leaving you;
when the night succumbs to a morning sun
tomorrow, I shall leave my world for good
and despite the desire, will not return!

I’m bound for a train that I hope would take
me to the place where I have always longed
to be ever since I could feel my heart,
though where it really is I do not know!

I bid you please do not shed a teardrop
for an empty chair or an empty bed
nor either pine for my wasted blood or limbs,
rather, if you may, cry for that place in my dreams!

Unless you too have arrived where I hope to be,
how do I grow one with you and you become me?



22 thoughts on “A Cold Goodbye

    1. thanks for the understanding. in fact when I was writing the poem I was seriously considering retirement from writing … but it seems a writer’s retirement can only come from death.

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