it’s how the moon keeps me enchanted forever… 🙂


Moonlight raining down silver, blue and white.
Hills and meadows around are flooded with it
And the city too is soaked in the light.
The sky is cloudless and the twinkling stars
Sitting on their thrones, moving away
With blinding speed that’s ever on the rise.
Rivers taking the color of the moon,
Flowing in silent curves, serpentine.
Grasses, dark green standing wet with the fog,
Trees and their leaves with a silver shine,
Silently, glowing in the moon’s embrace.
The world is steeped in a pure silence too.
The sky and the world, held in awe tonight
By the silver moon and her azure light.

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18 thoughts on “Moonlight

            1. then, may be I am trying to coax these praising words from you to silently bask in the glory …. whatever it is, your kind words are sure to inspire me to keep on writing in the coming days …. and i am indebted to all my readers for that … without the support of bloggers like you I would not have come this far… 🙂

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