The readers may like to go through the following report to know the context of the poem…

How could you let them go away?
Don’t you have children of your own!
For money, how much did you say?
Just seven thousand dollars, wow!

Don’t hide behind your posts or uniforms,
that will not give you any relief from
my conscience and my soul! The verdict says,
you are guiltier than the charges being framed.

Still, the court shall give a reward, instead
and recognize your kind as members of
a species that has not been researched yet,
Homo Avaritia shall be its name!

Though humanoid in appearance you live
on crime and corruption entirely
and your staple food is bribe, squeezed from the weak
but your veins are thick with flattery for the strong.

Finally, the court must also admit, your kind
has the upper hand in here for quite a long time.



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