In The City

yet another poem on Moonlight … written on 2012


Through the window moonlight is seeping in,
flooding my senses with a silver glow.
In the city moonlight is a rare thing
amid the hard bricks of prosperity,
with rapid shrinking of the open space
both on the ground and above for the sky.
In the city moonlight is a rare scene
as it fades above the blinding light
from too many human innovations
stacked all around, diminishing the breadth
of what our eyes might have seen otherwise.
Except a few painful hours through the night
when power too becomes a rare thing
and the city spent from the humid day
sweats with us locked in our pigeonholes
while moonlight shines through the weary world.

I have seen moonlight on the virgin shore
of an island, made up of blazing sand
on the face, with fertile silts heaped below
and bathed in the diffusing silver glow.
I have seen moonlight…

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