Dear All,

I have never been a corporate kind in life, at least not inside. Yet I have heard a thing called CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility exists in some distant part of the world and of course, I have seen a few delightful ads, advertising about its existence in my native country. All in all, it is a benevolent concept if taken sincerely and humanly.

However, my point is not CSR but if there is a thing called that, I believe there should be one called ISR as well. That is Individual Social Responsibility but my guess is, you have already figured that out for yourself. Before we indulge in the matter, let us clear out an approach road to it.

A long time ago, before anyone living today was born, it was established that society is ignorant at its best. Of course there are thought provoking arguments for the notion that it is an outright evil, tyrannical and oppressive entity but let us be optimistic here and focus on the best case scenario. Therefore, to enlighten the ignorant society, the concept of social responsibility was born.

Now, from my first hand experiences I know, societies hardly provide anything for those in need, for they are simply too busy to flatter the wealthy and the influential ones. So I am not asking what we have given back as individuals when I said, ISR. The society has not given anything so there is no question of giving back. I am simply asking what we have given. For, whether we like it or not, we were born as part of these ignorant monsters.

I have found my cause. I pray that you find it as soon as possible, because your society needs it now more than in any other periods of its existence.

It always will!



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