The Society

Well, even though the society
can be a slut or a playboy
(gender is not my focus here,
it could spring up from a shellfish
and still have the ears of a hare!),
at the end of the day we shall
leave our children to grow with it,
wrapped in it like the velvet fog
wraps a dark night in December.
(Or June if you are from the South!)

So, what options do we have but to right the wrongs,
not through violence, of course but with true love and care!
If you insist, it’s a lady or gentleman –
keep dreaming but once you wake up, reconsider!




24 thoughts on “The Society

                    1. :p but the celebration has already begun since you picked my poem for your journal…. it was Nature’s way of sending me my most favorite gift… and then I came to know on 27 the full moon will be the first of its kind in last three decades… I’m 35, so most probably the Moon has never shone so bright since I fell in love with her… all in all, it has already been the most extravagant birth month of my life 😀 …. and you have my earnest gratitude for being the first cog in that grand scheme of Nature. Thanks a lot!

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                    2. What’s so special about this full moon ? Last Aug was a pisces full moon and it was special to me. You must celebrate your birthday with a linked verse. It would be fun. I’m so glad I chose your poem for the this full moon. It would be an ideal birthday gift.

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                    3. Yes it is. About the full moon, it’s not me but the scientists are going crazy …. as far as I recall it’s the closest moon has come to earth in last 30 odd years…. and it’s not special because it’s my birth month, I feel lucky to be born on a day around such an event…. all full moons are equally special to me and of course nearer is better

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