Hello! A few hours ago a kindhearted blogger who writes as jeanixAngel @ THE TUNNEL OF THOUGHTS honored me with a Liebster Nomination. Have no idea what Liebster is. However, here’s what I came up with. Hope you enjoy it. Especially my Nominator and the Nominees.

  • Who is your favourite blogger? Why?

All the bloggers out there, expressing their thoughts, emotions, feelings and views, because in each of those expressions I discover a little bit about myself. Still, if I must make a list, the poets will be on top, followed by other writers, then painters and photographers. However, I specially loathe those bloggers that spread religious, anti religious or any other kind of fanaticism.

  • Which do you prefer to read? Fiction or nonfiction?

Most definitely fiction but I also love those nonfiction ones that inspire and make you admit that truth is often more fantastic than fantasy itself.

  • How long you been in writing?

I started writing in my native language (Bangla/Bengali) in 1996. I have been writing in English since 2006.

  • What influence you to do so (blogging/writing)?

Well, I believe myself to be a romantic. So the principles I follow are based on Equality and Liberty. In 2010 I was trying to reach the world with my poems. Consequently, I started a blog at WordPress and published all my poems there so any willing reader can have free access to it. Thus my blogging began.

  • Water? Or Tea?

Water, always!

  • Are you an introvert? Or an extrovert?

I guess, I’m a bit of both; extrovert in ideas and introvert in person. I love solitude but I also yearn for the company of likeminded individuals. The thing I hate is a discordant crowd.

  • If I am going to be an instant billionaire tomorrow, where in the Philippines you would like to go? Why? (Don’t worry about the expenses, I will shoulder all, first class.: D )

Honestly, as I am not from the Philippines, any place there is as exotic for me as the next or the previous one. But if I really had that hold on you, so you are willing to spend that much money for me, I would have asked you to donate it to the typhoon and tsunami ravaged areas in your island states. That would be so much more satisfying for me.

  • City lover? Or on Nature? Why?

Most definitely nature! Preferably before 10,000 BC, if possible!

  • What is your unforgettable experience?

Now I’m in a fix. All my kisses, poems, dreams, heartbreaks and visions are more or less equally unforgettable experiences for me. Being nominated and participating in this Liebster Award nomination scheme is the latest addition to that ever growing list.

  • What is your Myer Briggs Type Indicator?

Ok. I am “The Mediator” or INFP-T

With a 15% bias towards Introvert (I)

97% towards Intuitive (N)

31% towards Feeling (F)

37% towards Prospecting (P)

And 8% Turbulent (T)

My Nominees:

  1. a touch of my saint!
  2. Pages From My Diary ….
  3. simple head girl
  4. random rants ruminations ramblings
  5. Life in Russia
  6. Poems & Poèmes
  7. BuddhistPoetry
  8. Amber Danette
  9. “A Curious Mind”
  10. thefeatheredsleep

My Questions:

  1.  Are you offended in anyway by my ignorance in nominating you for this award?
  2.  If these two were inseparable and only one made available to you which would it be – Peace or Happiness?
  3.  If you were asked to pick 20 roses for someone you love from 2 bushels, one full with white and the other with red roses, how many reds and/or whites would you pick?
  4.  Which one of these 4 Hellenic Goddesses you feel most kindred to be (that’s for the ladies, for the gentlemen, the question is which one you are in love with)? A. Hera. B. Athena. C. Aphrodite D. Artemis.
  5.  How do you contrast the view of a full moon from earth with that of a full earth from the moon?
  6.  If a day on earth was as long as one on mars you would have 40 minutes  of extra time on your hand. How would that affect you?
  7.  What’s your western Zodiac sign?
  8. What’s your Chinese Zodiac Sign? [Don’t know? Find Out!]
  9.  How do you rate what is said about your signs? A. Accurate. B. More True than False. C. More False than True. D. Fantastic.
  10. What is your Myer Briggs Type Indicator? If you don’t know what that is, take the test here!

12 thoughts on “My Liebster Answers, Nominations and Questions

  1. Hi Amit, so I did take the MB test like you suggested and I’m an “advocate”, more introverted, intuitive, more of a feeling kind of nature, mildly judging and non assertive (but I could tell you all of that without taking the test!).

    Liked by 1 person

        1. waiting eagerly for that. I believe that we should have remained as Bharat Varsha as we were during the rule of Ashoka the great…. we might have taught a few things to the USA and EU about liberty in unity! Best of luck!

          Liked by 1 person

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